NEPSE decreases by 6.68 points today


October 4, 2021


NEPSE decreases by 6.68 points today

KATHMANDU: Nepal Stock Exchange Ltd (NEPSE) has decreased by 6.68 points on Monday, the second trading day of the week.

With today’s decline, the index has come down to 2570.81 points.

A total of 7.65 million shares of 227 companies traded today resulting in a turnover of Rs 3.62 billion.

Today, most of the sub-indices, including banking, which leads the market in NEPSE, have declined, while the hotel and tourism, other microfinance and life insurance sub-indices have increased.

The microfinance sub-index increased the most by1.47 percent, followed by other sub-indices by 1.29 percent, the hotel, and tourism sub-index by 0.43 percent, and the life insurance sub-index by 0.04 percent.

The finance company sub-index decreased the most by 2.47 percent, followed by the hydropower sub-index by 2.4 percent, the development bank sub-index by 1.87 percent, and the banking sub-index by 0.21 percent.

Today, United Modi Hydropower had the highest turnover of Rs 120 million in Nepse, followed by Nepal Bank with Rs 110 million, Himalayan Distillery with Rs 100 million, National Hydropower with Rs 90 million, and Rarang Hydropower with over Rs 90 million.

Shares of 189 companies traded in the market today, while the share prices of 109 companies decreased and the value of 69 companies increased.

Similarly, the share prices of eight companies remained stable. Shares of Asha Microfinance, Malungkhola Hydropower Company, and Support Microfinance closed at the circuit level, while Mithila Microfinance and Mahila Microfinance increased by 9.83 and 9.08 percent, respectively.

Meanwhile, Manakamana Smart Microfinance fell the most at 9.38 percent, followed by Divyeshwari Hydropower at 7.19 percent and Radhi Hydropower Company at 6.57 percent.

Similarly, the share price of Mountain Hydro Nepal has decreased by 6.23 percent and the share price of Nyadi Group Power has decreased by 6.08 percent.