FACT CHECK: How PM Oli was duped by Bhim Rawal’s remarks

PM Oli reacts to "baseless" statement that goes viral on social media


January 4, 2021


FACT CHECK: How PM Oli was duped by Bhim Rawal’s remarks

Prime Minister KP Oli addressing a program in Kathmandu on Sunday.(File Photo)

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KATHMANDU: Prime Minister KP Oli applied all his sense of wit, sarcasm and fury to react to Nepal Communist Party leader Bhim Rawal’s allegations without even verifying the authenticity of the former’s claim.

Rawal’s statement saying “Prime Minister KP Oli has gone whacky because of the woman’s organ inside him” went viral on social media this week.

PM Oli, meanwhile, wasted his time in responding to it at a program organized by the student’s union of the Nepal Communist Party in the capital on Sunday, which, in fact, was not true since Rawal had not made such silly remarks.

Leader Rawal is in the dissident faction led by NCP Chairman Pushpa Kamal Dahal “Prachanda” and Madhav Kumar Nepal.

Prime Minister Oli said, “I heard some people saying I went whacky because of the woman’s kidney transplanted on me. If a woman’s kidney can have such an effect on a man, then imagine the condition of that person born from a woman.”

“By saying so, didn’t he ever think that making such statements will be an insult to a woman?” PM Oli said without even using his mechanism to verify the remarks.

PM Oli went on to criticize Rawal saying, “I am surprised how his wife welcomed him home, and served dinner to him in the evening.”

According to Bhim Bohara, a local reporter in Dhangadhi, he has no idea when Rawal made this remark. “I was listening to his speech in Dhangadhi, and I have no idea when he talked about the kidney,” Bohara said adding “This is not true.”

Supa Online, a local media, has uploaded Rawal’s speech delivered on that day. However, the issue of “female’s kidney” cannot be heard on the audio.

Pardeshinews.com covered the issue without confirming the news and the speech made by leader Rawal. The news portal, in its headline, has said PM Oli’s mentality has stopped working due to the transplantation of kidney donated by a woman.

Likewise, merodeshnews.com has also reported the same news with priority. Similarly, mechimahakali.com has also carried the same news with the same headline.

Even some of the media gave coverage to the news with the social media giving wide coverage to it without confirming the news.

Blame-game politics has become an everyday affairs in the country of late after the dissolution of the House of Representatives in December 2020.

Similarly, hamrokhabar.com has also reported the news with priority without citing source. This has raised doubts on the credibility of some of the online media in Nepal.