SC executes regular hearing after 40 days

Issues 12 verdicts and 29 orders


December 3, 2021


SC executes regular hearing after 40 days

Supreme Court of Nepal. (File photo)

KATHMANDU: The Supreme Court hearing, which could not be held regularly even after the agitating judges returned to the court, has resumed on Friday.

The ongoing protest against Chief Justice Cholendra Shumsher Rana had affected the hearing at the apex court for 40 days.

The Judges had allocated cases to various benches adopting the newly introducing lottery system. SC had assigned 138 cases to 12 benches Friday.

Carrying out hearing on the cases, the court gave its verdict on 12 cases whereas issued order in 29 others. On the third day of the hearing after the lottery system was introduced in the court, all the SC judges were present today.

After smelling foul of the conduct of Chief Justice Rana, the judges had started a movement demanding the resignation of the chief justice. They had been boycotting the benches since October 25.

The judges and lawyers started protest against Chief Justice Rana alleging he was involved in allocating the cases to bench under ‘setting’ and had even urged the government to give his relatives some posts in the cabinet.

However, after the Full Court decided to curtail the rights of the Chief Justice and assign cases to bench adopting lottery system, the judges agreed to resume their office.

Though back to their benches, the judges have decided not to share the bench with the Chief Justice.

Nepal Bar Association, an umbrella organization of legal practitioners, is also in agitation against Chief Justice Rana. NBA has been saying that the agitation will continue till Chief Justice Rana resigns from the post.