JSP Minister Rayamajhi resigns in Lumbini Province


July 2, 2021


JSP Minister Rayamajhi resigns in Lumbini Province

Lumbini JSP lawmaker Suman Sharma Rayamajhi.

KATHMANDU: Minister of State of Lumbini Province Suman Sharma Rayamajhi has submitted her resignation to Chief Minister Shankar Pokharel on Friday.

Rayamajhi is also a member of the Provincial Assembly (PA) of the Janata Samajwadi Party (JSP) and Physical Infrastructure Development State Minister in the province.

She has written in the resignation letter that she could not continue working in the provincial government as the JSP had not supported the government.

The government of CM Shankar Pokharel was sustained due to the support of four PA members, including Rayamajhi.

JSP leader Mohammad Ishtiaq Rai has claimed that Rayamajhi has returned to Chairman Upendra Yadav’s faction in the party with her resignation.

At the same time, CM Pokharel is in the minority in the PA. UML has 38 members in the 83-member Lumbini PA.

Chief Minister Pokharel had secured a majority by garnering 42 lawmakers with the support of four JSP PA members, including Rayamajhi.

Now CM Pokharel has the support of only 41 MPs.