Pokharel re-appointed CM in Lumbini Province


May 2, 2021


Pokharel re-appointed CM in Lumbini Province

Lumbini Province Chief Minister Shankar Pokharel. (File photo)

KATHMANDU: Shankar Pokharel has been re-appointed as the Chief Minister in Lumbini Province.

Lumbini Chief Dharmanath Yadav appointed Shankar Pokhrel, leader of the CPN-UML and Lumbini parliamentary party, as the new chief minister in accordance with Article 168 (1) of the Constitution of Nepal.

Earlier, Pokharel had submitted a letter stating his claim to form a government on basis of majority.

Pokharel earlier resigned from the post of CM and immediately laid the claim to form a majority government.

As many as 40 lawmakers of the Lumbini Provincial Assembly (PA) also met the Chief Yadav and submitted a written request to stop the swearing of Shankar Pokharel, stating Pokharel is preparing to form a government on basis of a single majority, which he lacked after lawmaker Bimala Oli (Khatri) defected to Maoist Center.

Although 41 MPs were said to be in favor of UML in the 81-member PA, the number of MPs in favor of UML is limited to 40 after Oli (Khatri) reportedly left Maoist Center.

Nevertheless, Pokharel has been re-appointed the CM.