Death toll from COVID19 crosses 2,600 including 35 outside China


February 25, 2020


Death toll from COVID19 crosses 2,600 including 35 outside China

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KATHMANDU: The death toll from the coronavirus which is also known as COVID19 has crossed 2,600 as of Tuesday morning.

According to CNN, the new virus has claimed 2,698 across the world. As many as 2,663 have died in China, the epicenter the coronavirus, while 35 people died outside the country.

12 people die in Iran

The virus has claimed 12 people in Iran despite measures taken by the country, with 60 people infected, becoming the country with the highest number of deaths after China.

Seven people die in Italy

The virus has claimed seven people in Italy while 152 people have been infected.

The government has imposed a lockdown on 12 cities in Lombardy and Veneto in the northern Italy after two died and 79 got infected with the COVID19.

Seven dead and over 9,000 quarantined in South Korea

BBC reported that seven people have died due to the virus in South Korea as of Tuesday morning, with over 700 people infected.

South Korea recorded 60 additional cases of coronavirus recorded overnight.

Over 9,000 people have been quarantined after coronavirus cases were found in a religious group in Cheongdo County.

Meanwhile, South Korean President Moon Jae-in has called on Korean citizens to take precaution after the new virus turned pandemic in the country.

Where the death toll stands:

China reported 71 new deaths on Monday, with 68 of those in Hubei province – the epicenter of the outbreak. The additional three deaths outside of Hubei brings the death toll in mainland China to 2,663, according to the country’s National Health Commission.

There have been 35 deaths reported outside of mainland China. Here’s a breakdown of those numbers:

  • Iran: 12
  • South Korea: 7
  • Italy: 7
  • Japan: 4
  • Hong Kong: 2
  • Philippines: 1
  • France: 1
  • Taiwan: 1

The virus, which causes the COVID-19 illness, has infected more than 80,000 people globally, and caused more than 2,600 deaths, most of them in China.

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