RJP and Samajbadi merge to form ‘Janata Samajbadi Party’


April 22, 2020


RJP and Samajbadi merge to form ‘Janata Samajbadi Party’

Leaders of RJP and Samajbadi pose for a group photograph after the decision to merge.

KATHMANDU: The Rastriya Janata Party (RJP) and the Samajbadi Party are announcing merger on Thursday to form ‘Janata Samajbadi Party’.

A meeting of the two Madesh-based parties agreed to go for a merger on Wednesday late night in Kathmandu. Both the parties have agreed to unify two days after Prime Minister KP Oli’s cabinet introduced the ordinances paving room for the split of the parties along with the ruling Nepal Communist Party (NCP).

The opposition parties, especially these two Madhes-based parties, had become alert about the ‘ill-intent’ of the ordinances as PM Oli had hinted at splitting these two parties after bringing the ordinance.

President Bidhya Bhandari had on Monday issued two ordinances to amend the provisions of Political Party Act and the Constitutional Council (Functions Duties and Powers) Act on the recommendation of the Council of Ministers.

The ordinance related to Political Party Act amended the provision of the act that would allow leaders of a party to split the party if they garner 40 per cent support either parliamentary party or in the central committee.

Both the parties have also agreed to place Mahanta Thakur at the helm of the party as of now.

The new party will use the flag of Samajbadi Party and election symbol RJP’s umbrella.

The decision to this effect was made after leaders of both the parties intensified efforts to unify their parties in the last two days.