NEFEJ says Melamchi Project ignores environment protection


July 21, 2020


NEFEJ says Melamchi Project ignores environment protection

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KATHMANDU: Nepal Forum of Environmental Journalists (NEFEJ) has showed concern over Melamchi Drinking Water Project’s ignorance towards environment protection.

The study on implementation of environment management plan of the project showed it, NEFEJ argued.

The study was conducted for the update of the implantation of environment management plan set as part of environment impact assessment (EIA) of the project.

No measures were taken to reduce the negative impacts on environment, it added.

The term of environment officer was reduced, and even the quota for the post was removed, the study mentioned, adding that the programs run with the assistance of the mega project ensured socio-economic improvement in the local people but increased their dependency.

Similarly, it was pointed out that the tunnel lacked adequate oxygen and sources of water dried in some places while constructing tunnel.

The project has been suggested for sanitation and pure drinking water at labor camps and management of waste disposal.

Degradation of aquatic biodiversity, decrease of food products and difficulty on life of fishermen are other points that need attention, stated in the study report.