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Audio clip of Minister Gokul Baskota bargaining for Rs 700 mln bribe leaked

20 February 2020  

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KATHMANDU: An audio clip of Minister for Communication and Information Technology Gokul Baskota bargaining for Rs 700 million in bribe over the procurement of security printing press for the government has been leaked.

In the 31-second audio clip received by Khabarhub, Bijaya Prakash Mishra, a local agent of Swiss Company, tells Minister Baskota that the Swiss Embassy representatives will come to the minister’s office at 12 pm on coming Monday to sign a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) on the procurement of the security printing press for the government.

The local agent of the Swiss company is heard assuring the minister that he will get the shares of the commission once the deal is done during their brief conversation.

The local agent says a total of 700 million will be divided on a ratio of 30:70. “You will get 70%,” the agent tells Minister Baskota, according to the clip.

Look at the transcript of the conversation held between Minister Baskota and local agent of Swiss Company Bijaya Prakash Mishra below: 

Bijaya Prakash Mishra: The Swiss Embassy will come at 12 pm on Monday (February 24). Swiss Embassy will call you, not the government.

Minister Gokul Baskota: Um!

Bijaya Prakash Mishra: The Company wants to sign a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with the Nepal government. Ambassador wants to hold a separate talk with you on it.

Minister Gokul Baskota: Okay.

Bijaya Prakash Mishra: Could you please arrange your time for it?

Minister Gokul Baskota: Okay, I will.

Bijaya Prakash Mishra: Shall we go out of track for it (commission)? How do you want to get it done? We will do as you wish.

Minister Gokul Baskota: Now. It’s a matter of volume.

Bijaya Prakash Mishra: I have already talked to them about it.

Minister Gokul Baskota: Shall we tell them 50 in normal?

Bijaya Prakash Mishra: Normal for that.

Minister Gokul Baskota: How much will they calculate it?

Bijaya Prakash Mishra: Percent will be calculated out of the total.

Minister Gokul Baskota: Let’s see, how much it will come in total.

Bijaya Prakash Mishra: We will calculate based on your offer.

Minister Gokul Baskota: We want to get it done for 25 to 27 billion. Suppose our offer is 25, how much will it come around?

Bijaya Prakash Mishra: Around 70. It will come around 70 without going out of track.

Minister Gokul Baskota: What’s about you? Will they offer you separately?

Bijaya Prakash Mishra: Around 74 will come in total. We will give you 70 percent out of it and keep the remaining 30 percent with us. It will be very transparent.

Minister Gokul Baskota: How much is it?

Bijaya Prakash Mishra: It means we will provide you 540 to 550 million and keep with us 150 to 160 million. We have to keep some portion with us if we go out of track.

Minister Gokul Baskota: Who will talk to the government staff about it?

Bijaya Prakash Mishra: You should talk to them.

Minister Gokul Baskota: If I take the initiative in it, they will look down upon me after the deal. Therefore, you had better talk to them, hadn’t you?

Bijaya Prakash Mishra: Okay, I will talk to him. He has already prepared it.

Minister Gokul Baskota: He has prepared it for 35 billion. If the company has calculated it for 27 billion, fix it for 28 billion.

Listen to Audio Clip

Publish Date : 20 February 2020 08:23 AM

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