Activists held for protesting border encroachment


May 13, 2020


Activists held for protesting border encroachment

Police rounded up human rights protesting Indian ‘encroachment’ of Nepali land at Lipu Lekh. (Image for Representation)

KATHMANDU: Police have taken 22 activists, including human rights defender Krishna Pahadi from the capital on Tuesday while protesting against the Indian ‘encroachment’ of Nepali land at Lipu Lekh-Kalapani area.

There have been regular protests in Kathmandu and elsewhere after India inaugurated a link road on the Nepali land last week.

A protest rally was organized by Human Rights and Peace Society Nepal from Maitighar, Kathmandu.

During the protest, Krishna Pahadi, the founder president of the Society and 22 others, including incumbent President Uttam Pudasaini, Batu Krishna Dhungel, Bal Bahadur Gaha Magar, Ram Krishna Baral, Gita Timalsina were arrested from Maitighar.

The protestors chanted slogans demanding the withdrawal of Indian Army from Kalapani. They also urged the Indian government to respect the sovereignty of Nepal and stop border encroachment.

They demanded the Indian government to give directions to stop extension of the Lipu Lekh section of the road.

Along with the public, major political parties, including the ruling Nepal Communist Party and main opposition Nepali Congress have condemned the Indian move and sought high level talks to settle the issue at the earliest.