Biratmode farmers in organic farming


February 9, 2020


Biratmode farmers in organic farming

Image for representation. Photo: GFAR Blog

BIRATMODE: With the Biratmode Municipality’s announcement to make the town free from the use of pesticides, farmers here have been attracted to organic farming.

Under the ‘one group, one production’ program implemented by the municipality under the organic production promotion campaign, collective farming of several crops like mustard, buckwheat, beans and sunflower is taking place here.

Municipality’s agricultural section chief Rajendra Kadariya said the farming is totally organic.

The collective cultivation of vegetables and crops is expected to yield more production at a relatively low cost.

Farmers are associated with different groups and engaged in collective farming. The municipality gives subsidy in seeds.

The municipality has provided grants of Rs 1.9 million to the farmers this year under the ‘one group, one production’ program.