More than 8,000 foreign-returnees enter Karnali


April 2, 2020


More than 8,000 foreign-returnees enter Karnali

More than 8,000 foreign-returnees enter Karnali. (Image for Representation)

KARNALI: Eight thousand six hundred and fifty people have come back home in Karnali State from various foreign countries as of Wednesday, the Karnali State Government, Ministry of Social Development said.

A meeting of the Karnali State Disaster Response Council on March 19 had issued a call urging the foreign-returnees of Karnali to return within 10 days.

As per the data provided by the Ministry, the highest number of foreign-returnees is in the Jumla district. Five thousand eighty people returned Jumla from various foreign countries, mostly from India.

Karnali State Government’s Social Development Minister Dala Rawal said the returnees from India account a majority of the foreign-returnees in the State.

He said a 400-bed quarantine facility has been set up at the open-air theatre in Birendranagar in view of the large number of India-returnees. One hundred and ninety-two people are kept in the quarantine.

Minister Rawal said altogether 525 people are kept under quarantine and one person in isolation. This includes those kept under quarantine and in isolation in all 10 districts of the State. He added that no coronavirus infection has been found in the State so far.

According to him, the state government and the 79 local levels in the state together have set up 2,528 quarantine facilities, 339 isolation wards, 17 ICU facilities and managed seven ventilators.