Mountains are calling to chant in their whistle: Bam Bdr. BK

Eak Raj Bastola

February 1, 2020


Mountains are calling to chant in their whistle: Bam Bdr. BK
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KATHMANDU: When Sherpas have gone synonymous to mountains and mountaineering, the people of other communities are also striving to make their footprints in the Himalayas of Nepal.

Bam Bahadur BK, 25, a government clerk by profession, is all set to climb Mt Everest in coming spring season with a hope to craft the record of being the first person from Rukum district and the first person from his community to stand atop.

As of many Nepalis, BK got highly motivated by Pasang Lhamu Sherpa, the first Nepali woman Everest summiteer when he read the story of her determination in the textbook. “I used to ask my elders, and teachers about the budget of climbing Everest,” he told Khabarhub explaining his enthusiasm for climbing Everest.

“Everybody’s dream is to be on the top of Mt Everest,” he said, “Reaching the summit is a great success and adventurous job.”

His aim of climbing the mountain is slightly different though, that is setting himself as an exemplary figure to fill guts and enthusiasm in other youths, esp. the youths of his marginalized community.

“As everybody says ‘my mission is different’ I also have a different mission,” said BK a young man in bureaucratic garb, “but, about me, my mission is to prove that marginalized, underprivileged people also can set their footprints in the highest mountains.”

Moreover, he also wants to show that government employee is also good in adventure job apart from administrative works.

Similarly, when the country’s set for Visit Nepal 2020, he wants to promote “Visit Nepal 2020” through climbing Everest and wants to make a reportage of Everest climbing initial status, process, expedition and successfully back to home.  He wants to respond to the mountains calling to him by chanting in their whisper.

“To make a success in Everest Climbing,” he explained, “I got training from Pasang Lhamu Sports Climbing Centre, Dhumbarahi and successfully climbed Mt Manaslu (8163m) on 26 September 2019.”

“People have climbed a mountain, why not me?” He motivated himself.

“Climbing Manaslu is a great experience for me,” he said adding that to become first government non-gazetted officer to climb it was something worth taking pride in the deed.

“When you reach on the top of the mountain, you feel you are in the new world; the view from where you can see other mountains is unbelievable,” he shared the elated moment, “What’s more! You can feel the euphoria that you cannot explain in words.”

He feels boosted by his Manaslu experience and says, “Manaslu gives me more confidence, I can climb Everest now.”

Unlike most of the leaders of his community who always present the grim picture of discrimination, BK is optimistic as he has seen notable changes in people’s attitudes.

“Discrimination cannot be eradicated in a day, it takes a long time,” he expressed his optimism saying, “My expedition, somewhat will help to be ‘inclusive’ in all sectors and motivate others saying “We can Do It”.

Now BK is busy managing the budget to climb Everest and thankful to those who have helped him so far and are waiting for more in the coming expedition. He admires the ‘Sherpas’ for his successful Manaslu expedition.

“Climbing mountains need self-confidence and discipline,” he said, “and you feel a positive vibe provoking you to dream big when you are doing something for others.”

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