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This is how China is increasing its influence in the South Pacific

27 November 2019  

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SYDNEY: It cannot be denied that China’s influence is increasing around the world at an alarming rate.

According to an investigation carried out by Nine’s 60 Minutes, China is using hefty amounts of cash to buy control in island nations such as Kiribati, Vanuatu, and the Solomon Islands.

However, behind the scenes of these island nations – often dubbed as paradises – Beijing’s influence is increasing and several nations are being convinced to switch their allegiance, according to Nine’s 60 Minutes.

China has been long demanding that any country having its diplomatic allegiances cannot recognize Taiwan, with Kiribati and the Solomon Islands becoming the Pacific nations to switch their adherence to China.

Former intelligence chief of the US Navy’s Pacific Fleet, Captain Jim Fanell, said China believes they are the leaders of a “new global order”. Photo: Channel 9

According to Captain Jim Fanell, who is the former intelligence chief of the US Navy’s Pacific Fleet, China’s interest in the Pacific region could have future impacts on Australia.

Fanell told the Nine’s 60 Minutes that China is interested in the region because it’s basically the lifeline between Australia, New Zealand and America.

He went on to add that Beijing has built the navy which people said they were never going to build.

Likewise, China has also deployed its fleet to places people said they were not going to deploy. However, China is sending their fleets around the world.

China now believes that it is supposed to be the equitable leader of this new global order. It believes that after the American century, the British century, now they are going to have the Chinese century. “That’s their vision,” said Fanell.

Prime Minister of the Solomon Islands, Manasseh Sogavare’s announcement in September on switching allegiance from Taiwan to China set off alarm bells, the report said.

According to Premier of the Solomons’ largest island Malaita, Daniel Suidani, he was offered $1 million to ‘accept the change of allegiance to China’.

China has also used another tactic by quietly expanding its power in the South Pacific by having companies having close links to Beijing try to take out a 75-year lease of Tulagi on Solomon Island.

This would allow China’s authority rights to Tulagi’s deepwater port, gas, oil, forestry, fishing, and tourism.

The lease document signed by Tulagi’s provincial leader has been obtained by 60 Minutes. Interestingly, the leader reportedly hasn’t been on the island since.

This very one signature was enough for Beijing to secretly obtain full control over this tiny island.

Premier of Malaita, Daniel Suidani, claimed he was offered a $1m bribe to switch allegiance to China. Photo: Channel 9

The document, however, was ruled unlawful when it became public. The lease was then not granted. China then executed another plan after the 75-year lease was unsuccessful.

An agreement worth $825 million was made to allow China to redevelop the Gold Ridge mine in the Solomon Islands. The deal was described as an ‘early harvest’ by Chinese ambassador Xue Bing.

The profits from the mine, roads, all port facilities, bridges and rail built to service will remain in China’s control.

Kiribati has remained very important to Beijing’s plans in the Pacific, and the ocean territory controlled by the island has remained a crucial part of the ‘Blue Economic Passage’ that China wants to establish.

According to Captain Jim Fanell, this is the beginning of a comprehensive plan that China has to dominate the region.

The economic development will soon be followed by fishing fleets and maritime law enforcement. “Eventually the area will see naval forces,” he said. (Agencies)

Publish Date : 27 November 2019 17:47 PM

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