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Monday, July 22nd, 2024

Helping kids learn through play

The majority of the children learn the most by watching and absorbing the things that go on around them.

Sometimes they learn from educational television shows and the things they teach like having manners and sharing with your friends and siblings.

But, there is also another way that children can learn and absorb things and that is through play.

According to Nancy Baker, Co-Founder of, it could sound a bit far-fetched that a child will learn anything by simply play, but it is true through play it can help one’s child not only develop mentally but also physically as well.

Here are some tips

Play = Discovery

When children are playing it inevitably leads to them learning about the physical things around them. Because they are so curious and picking up different toys and different items they are learning about the ins and outs of the physical aspect of the world.

In order to learn you have to get up and actively participate in learning. It is not something that will happen to you its something that you and your children have to actually take an active part in so that your children benefit the most from it.

When you think of ways to encourage development for your children consider the type of toys that you provide for them. Try to gather toys that have different textures and shapes so that they are able to feel and put their mouths on different things and begin to understand what they are.

You should use things like building blocks, toys that incorporate water or sand, other materials that are made naturally, and toys with wheels. Along with the different sensory toys, they should be able to be manipulated so that your child can create different formations and shapes with their toys.

Let’s explore

As much as you may want to control every aspect of your children’s play when they are taking time to learn and discover take a step back and allow them to explore. Without stumbling your toe the first time you would’ve never known that it hurt.

The same thing applies to your child when it comes to exploring the world around them. Exploring the things around them will allow your child to develop their problem-solving skills and therefore begin to cultivate their thoughts of finding a solution.

Self-control development

It is important that you allow your children to play with other children because this will encourage them to learn how to develop self-control and also learn to share with others. It is a good idea to try to teach this self-control lesson outside and away from toys.

Not only will this help them to develop their social skills it will also cultivate the development of their imagination and role-playing skills. These are exceptionally important for children that are headed into preschool and will help them make the transition to school a lot smoother than it could be without these skills.

Learning through play can help to improve your child in ways that you never thought were possible to develop. It will benefit your child in the future and will also help them to develop the prime skills that they need in order to function in society as a productive and well-behaved member as well.

And the biggest benefit to this type of learning is that your child won’t even realize that they are learning they will simply think that they are playing. And because they are playing they will fully immerse themselves into whatever they are doing.

So take advantage of these types of play and really encourage them to explore and develop as they should be developing.

(This piece is contributed by Tiffany Simmons, a Georgia mom, wife, and aspiring children’s book writer/ChildMode)

Publish Date : 25 November 2019 14:37 PM

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