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Comments on Venezuela were made hastily: Subedi

10 February 2019  

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Venezuela crisis has triggered waves on political spectrum of Nepal after Nepal Communist Party (NCP) Chairman Pushpa Kamal Dahal issued a statement accusing the US of intervening in the internal affairs of Venezuela. Prime Minister KP Oli has dubbed Dahal’s statement as a ‘slip of tongue’ in a bid to patch up Nepal-America ties upon his return from Davo Summit. Oli-Dahal relations soured after Dahal reiterated his stance terming his statement as official justifying that it was endorsed by the party’s secretariat.

Kashyap Neupane of Khabarhub talked to Arun Kumar Subedi, a political analyst and international relations expert, for his views on Venezuela crisis. Excerpts:

How do you analyze the differing views coming from the Nepal Communist Party and the government on the Venezuelan crisis?

This, in fact, can be analyzed from two dimensions. Marxists are too formal whom I prefer to call ‘doctrinal hypocrites.’ This issue is just a pretext to impress the general people. The communists, who earlier used to allege the US of being an imperialist, want to give the impression that they are still adamant to their stance.

It was a mistake on part of Nepal to assert its stance on the Venezuela crisis when there was no pressure to do so. We should not forget who we are.

What suggestions do you want to give to the government to patch up the souring relations between America and Nepal following the Venezuelan crisis?

In regards to diplomatic issues one should not be carried away by emotional attachment to a doctrine. We should be cautious on what harm or benefit our statements may cause to the country while commenting over a diplomatic issue. We were not under any pressure to express our views on contemporary political scenario in Venezuela. Had we refrained from making comments on the issue, it would have been more judicious.

The more European Union and USA play in Nepal, China will become more provocative. We cannot overlook it. If we are able to maintain a balanced relation between China and India keeping Western power at a distance, there will be lesser problems. It was a mistake on part of Nepal to assert its stance on the Venezuela crisis when there was no pressure to do so. We should not forget who we are.

What could be the solution to the existing problem? The fear and uncertainty loom large after the relations between Nepal and America got soured.

We should try to defuse the tension between Nepal and America through diplomatic ways. The government tried to use ‘vocal diplomacy’ in its attempt to defuse the tension.  Now the government should adopt ‘quiet diplomacy’ to resolve it.

What could be the consequences if Nepal, as presumed by the Western power, is inching toward China?

First of all, we should abandon the non-alignment foreign policy. That is why we should not take action under any ideological influence. Israel, Japan, South Korea, Singapore have not adopted non-alignment foreign policy. The problem will continue unless we change our foreign policy.

Do you mean that Nepal should change its foreign policy? What problem do you see with the non-alignment foreign policy?

We should maintain cool and calm demeanor, bearing in mind the benefits of the country in every diplomatic step we take. We should maintain only formal ties with western power, while giving priority to our close neighbors, India and China.

Normally, all political parties stand united when it comes to foreign policy. The case, however, is different in Nepal. What is your take on this?

Even though the party is one, the leaders hold divergent views. All political parties in Nepal represent one or the other international power. Nepal does not have enough internal resources to run costly political activities. They show concerns about us when we depend on them for resources used for running our politics. That is why our Nepali leadership is also mobilized by foreign powers.

Publish Date : 10 February 2019 13:25 PM

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