French filmmaker, politician Farid pledges to promote Nepal


November 9, 2019


French filmmaker, politician Farid pledges to promote Nepal
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Farid Dms Debah has multiple identities. A French as well as an Algerian citizen, Farid, besides being a politician, is a filmmaker, a producer, a director, and a photographer.

He, however, likes to be called as a filmmaker. “It’s been 20 years that I am into it,” he says hastening to add with a broad smile, “My priority is film making.”

Unimaginable it may sound. But this multi-talented person from Kremlin Bicetre, south of Paris, first made a short film when he was just 10 with his father’s camera. “It was all about my family,” says Farid, now 43.

Born in 1976 in Paris, his family moved to Oum el Bouaghi, a rural town in the Aurès in Algeria where he became familiar with the musical world and integrated the local conservatory with his elder brother Yassine.

During the course of conversation with Khabarhub, he also recalls his first article published in a newspaper when he was just 16.

It sounds incredible as this curious and enterprising Farid debuted as a director at the age of 15. “I directed my first movie ‘Venin Mortel’ (Deadly Venom) when I was not even 20 years old. It was a great success,” he boasts.

Now the actress of the movie, Élodie Navarre, is a great actress in France.

Farid, who was in Kathmandu to participate in the Nepal Africa Film Festival, wants to connect Nepal, France, and Algeria focusing on people-to-people contact. “I have been playing the role of a bridge between France and Algeria having two different languages and cultures. Now, Nepal, which has a distinct culture and language, is in my list.”

Though this is his first time in Nepal, he pledges to promote Nepal in whatever way he can. “I have made up my mind to promote Nepal in France and Algeria considering the Visit Nepal 2020,” assures Farid.

Reason: “Nepal has a lot to offer to foreigners besides its Himalayas, trekking, temples, and spirituality,” he says adding, “I loved the friendly Nepali people, their hospitality and the smiles.”

He does not hesitate to call Nepalis as ‘people with good hearts’ while he compares Algerians and Nepalis of being ‘quite similar’.

Nepal, as he suggests, need to promote its resources, culture, and assets since not all tourists come here to trek. “Publicity is a must,” he suggests.

He is equally privileged to have been honored by the Nepal France Friendship Society in Kathmandu. “This has given me an extra responsibility to promote Nepal in the international arena,” he quips.

Farid plans to organize a photo exhibition in Paris next year coinciding with the Visit Nepal 2020 as part of his promotion efforts. For this, he plans to visit Nepal and take pictures of the Himalayas, villages, culture for the exhibition. “My small effort can make a huge difference,” he asserts.

Farid says he is equally fascinated with the short Nepali movies that he watched in the Nepal Africa Film Festival.

As a producer and director, Farid has so far made 20 films. His 35-minute short movie ‘Morocco Sacrifice Innocence’ about pedophilia was awarded in Armenia. He spent complete two years to research for the film, which has been screened in several US universities also.

“The objective is to give voice to the victims,” he says.

Farid is currently busy to produce an ambitious documentary series project on immigration.

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