We ensure that our journalists and staffers worked in a highly professional manner in digital journalism respecting the professional norms and values. Khabarhub strictly abides by the norms and universal principles of digital journalism and editorial freedom.
We promote the democratic system and the fundamental rights of all people. The right to freedom of expression, humanity, protecting fundamental rights, justice, equality are our most respecting values that are guaranteed by the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. Our set of journalists have been doing trustworthy journalism. They are fair, decent, restrained, committed and respect every individual’s privacy, right, and public safety.
We use reliable quotes in persons, but at times, if necessary, we keep our sources confidential and mention only ‘source’ to preserve our news source. We are very much aware and sensitive on national sovereignty, national security and social harmony in our coverage.
We are extremely sensitive while disseminating information to ensure that our news does not assassinate a person’s/individual’s character or defame any institution. This, however, does not mean that we turn blind eyes on corruption, autocrats, criminals and a brutal regime.
We make sure to expose their real face and character, which means that Khabarhub’s fact-based journalism is not for impunity. We do not compromise our liberal democratic values. Our news portal makes it clear to our esteemed readers about our policy and the placement of editorial materials and the advertisement.