Constitution would fail if marginalized voices remain unaddressed: Lawmaker Pramila Kumari


February 29, 2024


Constitution would fail if marginalized voices remain unaddressed: Lawmaker Pramila Kumari

Lawmaker Pramila Kumari/File Photo

KATHMANDU: Lawmaker Pramila Kumari asserted that the country’s constitution and federal system would not be successfully implemented unless the voices of marginalized people were addressed.

Pramila Kumari, also the Minister of State for Education, Science and Technology, said, “I have raised the voice for enabling federal democratic republican system and addressing the issues of marginalized community and groups.”

She argued that our constitution would not be fairly implemented without addressing the voices of the people at the margin.

“As a member of the Legislative Management Committee of the National Assembly for the first two years, I played a decisive role in writing that the issue of inclusivity must be mentioned in all the bills, policies and guidelines to be formulated by the government. That has now come into effect.”

The committee is also considered important for making the government accountable, monitoring and evaluating the works done by the government and giving necessary instructions, she shared.

As a member of the National Assembly, Pramila Kumari served as a member of the Sustainable Development and Good Governance Committee of the Assembly for some years.

The committee, which deals with the issues related to sustainable and balanced development and good governance promotion adopted by the government, has been advocating necessary coordination and directives to implement the multi-dimensional aspects of development and make sustainable management as good governance development is meaningful, balanced and equitable.

Pramila Kumari, who was elected unopposed to the Member of National Assembly from Janaata Samajbadi Party in the women’s category, is also known as the intellectual leader.