Loan sharking victims to march again towards Kathmandu for justice


January 29, 2024


Loan sharking victims to march again towards Kathmandu for justice

Loan sharking victims' Press Conference in Jhapa on Monday.

JHAPA: Victims of loan sharking are gearing up for another protest march towards Kathmandu on January 30.

Avadesh Kushwaha, the president of the Farmers and Workers’ Struggle Committee against Loan-sharking and Fraud, revealed that the victims intend to initiate a collective march from Jhapa and Kanchanpur on January 16.

During a press conference held in Kakadvitta on Monday, Kushwaha expressed dissatisfaction, stating that the government had not paid attention to their plight since their previous march to Kathmandu.

“Our issues have not been addressed by the government; the commission has not fulfilled its responsibilities,” he emphasized. “To make the state listen, to remind and show them, we will once again reach Shanti Batika in Kathmandu, staging a silent protest.”

The victims of loan sharking plan to commence the protest march from Kakadvitta in Jhapa and Mahendranagar in Kanchanpur simultaneously, converging in Chitwan.

The protest rally is scheduled to reach Kathmandu in 15 days.

Previously, the victims had reached Kathmandu on foot last year. The government had established a commission to address their concerns, but they complain that the commission has yet to take concrete actions.