Sabitra Bhandari out of WAFF Women’s Championship finals


February 28, 2024


Sabitra Bhandari out of WAFF Women’s Championship finals

Photo: ANFA

KATHMANDU: Nepal’s renowned football star, Sabitra Bhandari, affectionately known as Samba, will be notably absent from the upcoming final match of the WAFF Women’s Championship.

Despite the anticipation surrounding the title clash between Nepal and Jordan in the tournament held in Saudi Arabia, Bhandari’s absence is confirmed due to her commitment to play in the highest league of women’s football in France, as confirmed by the All Nepal Football Association (ANFA).

Bhandari recently inked an 18-month contract with En Avant Guingamp, a prestigious French club competing in the Division 1 Féminine, the premier division of women’s football in France.

While Bhandari’s absence is a setback for the Nepali team, their journey to the final was secured with a hard-fought victory over Lebanon, clinching a 2-1 triumph and earning a coveted spot in the championship showdown.

As Nepal prepares to battle for glory in the absence of their star forward, fans eagerly anticipate an intense final match as Nepal strives to claim victory and make their mark in the WAFF Women’s Championship.