Deputy General Secretary Sharma voices discontent over Maoist Center Chair Dahal’s task allocation


February 28, 2024


Deputy General Secretary Sharma voices discontent over Maoist Center Chair Dahal’s task allocation

CPN-Maoist Center leader Janardan Sharma/File photo.

KATHMANDU: Deputy General Secretary of the CPN-Maoist Center, Janardan Sharma, has expressed his disagreement with Prime Minister and Party Chairman Pushpa Kamal Dahal ‘Prachanda’ regarding the allocation of tasks within the party.

Sharma conveyed his dissent in writing to Party Chairman Dahal on Wednesday during the Standing Committee (SC) meeting held at the party headquarters in Parisdanda, Kathmandu.

“Task allocation does not align with the plan for rebuilding and advancing the party; there is a residue of discussions from the statute convention,” Sharma stated after the SC meeting.

He added, “Despite the policy of not appointing elected representatives as in-charges being implemented for a few comrades, including me, the decision to appoint Narayan Dahal as the co-in-charge of Bagmati Province indicates a questionable intention within the leadership.”

Sharma raised objections to the party’s decision to dismiss Khagraj Bhatta, a permanent committee member, from both the party leadership and in-charge positions without providing an alternative, deeming it disrespectful.

“This decision not only tarnishes Bhatta’s reputation but also disrupts the party, leading some comrades to feel unwanted,” he warned of the potential consequences.

Chairman Dahal’s deviation from the party policy, appointing his brother Narayan Dahal and daughter-in-law Bina Magar as in-charges, has stirred controversy within the Maoist Center.

Meanwhile, Khagraj Bhatta labeled his dismissal and the reshuffling of responsibilities for in-charge and co-in-charge as an attempt to further worsen the party’s position in Sudurpaschim.

Taking to Facebook, Bhatta expressed his dissatisfaction, stating that the reshuffle seemed ill-intent and was not acceptable.