RSP rejects UML’s election alliance proposal in Ilam-2

Advocates “friendly competition”


March 25, 2024


RSP rejects UML’s election alliance proposal in Ilam-2

Party office of Rastriya Swatantra Party/File Photo for Representation

KATHMANDU: The prospect of political parties forging an alliance for the upcoming by-elections in Ilam-2 appears increasingly unlikely, with the ruling party, CPN- UML, finalizing its candidate on Sunday, while other parties gear up for the electoral fray.

The by-elections will fill the vacancy left by the passing of UML MP Subhash Nemwang.

UML’s secretariat has nominated Nemwang’s son, Suhang, as its candidate.

With a focus on nurturing youthful leadership, UML aims for support, particularly from its coalition partner, the Rastriya Swatantra Party (RSP).

UML leader Pradip Gyawali stated, “We encourage RSP to compete because Suhang is a deserving candidate. However, should they decide otherwise, we are prepared for a congenial contest.”

RSP, however, has yet to finalize its candidate for Ilam-2.

Party Chairman Rabi Lamichhane has unequivocally declared that they will not engage in electoral alliances.

Mukul Dhakal, General Secretary of RSP, reiterated this stance, asserting the party’s autonomy in candidate selection.

“While UML’s offer of cooperation is appreciated, we stand firm on our decision to independently nominate our candidate,” stated Dhakal.

Dhakal stated, “UML’s willingness to engage in friendly competition is commendable. It aligns with our belief in the importance of fair electoral contests.”

Asserting confidence in their electoral prospects in Ilam-2, Dhakal emphasized, “Our party’s stronghold in Ilam is robust, and we anticipate victory. We’ve made significant strides since the last general election.”

Meanwhile, Dhakal clarified that RSP would not seek support from other ruling parties, emphasizing the party’s commitment to electoral independence.

“We joined the coalition government out of constitutional obligation, not electoral alliances,” he affirmed.