DOI implements online trekking route permit system


February 25, 2024


DOI implements online trekking route permit system


KATHMANDU: In a significant move towards streamlining trekking regulations, the Department of Immigration (DOI) has initiated the issuance of route permits for domestic and foreign tourists to restricted zones through an online platform.

Previously, obtaining permits for restricted zones necessitated physical presence and completion of paperwork.

However, as of last week, the DOI has transitioned to issuing route permits electronically, marking a notable shift in the administrative process.

According to Binod Sapkota, General Secretary of the Trekking Agencies Association of Nepal (TAAN), this online provision facilitates access to various restricted areas including upper Mustang, upper Dolpa, Tsum and Nuvri Valley of the Manaslu region in Gorkha, Simkot, Changkheli, and Namkha of Humla district, as well as the Kanchenjunga region in Taplejung.

TAAN President Neelhari Bastola expressed optimism regarding the positive impact of this initiative on tourism, emphasizing that easier access for tourists will enhance Nepal’s attractiveness as a trekking destination.

Krishna Bahadur Katwal, Acting Director General of the Department of Immigration, highlighted the convenience of the new system, explaining that tourists can now obtain permits online by making QR payments through trekking companies or personal accounts.