NA Elections: 60% turnout so far, results expected today


January 25, 2024


NA Elections: 60% turnout so far, results expected today

National Assembly voting underway/RSS

KATHMANDU: Voting for the National Assembly (NA) elections commenced at 9 am on Thursday, with polling stations designated across all seven provinces.

Provincial assembly members, as well as heads and deputy heads of local levels, cast their votes at their respective polling stations.

As of 12:00 noon, the Election Commission (EC) reported that 60% of the voting process had been completed.

EC Spokesperson Shaligram Sharma Paudel stated that the voting is progressing smoothly across all provinces, anticipating completion well before the designated time of 3 pm.

Paudel said, “Elections are being held in a peaceful manner everywhere. So far, 60% voting has been done. Possibly, voting can be completed by 2 pm.”

Despite the possibility of early completion, Paudel stated that they would adhere to the scheduled time, waiting until 3 pm.

A total of 19 posts for the National Assembly elections are being contested today.

Post-voting procedures include the processing of bonds and secure transportation to the counting venue.

The counting of votes will commence after an all-party meeting is convened by the Chief Electoral Officer.

Paudel said, “The process has to be completed even after the voting is over. The boxes should be deposited at the polling station. After that, if there is no dispute, an all-party meeting will be held, and the election results will be announced by 6-7 pm today.”

A total of 51 candidates from eight parties have been nominated for the National Assembly elections, aiming to fill the 19 seats whose terms expire on February 20.

In accordance with the National Assembly Member Election Act of 2075, the election is mandated to be held 35 days before the vacancy arises.

The Commission adhered to this schedule, conducting the election on Thursday.

This year, changes in voter weight were implemented based on the national census data, with the new vote share determined by the total population.

Provincial assembly members now hold 53 votes, while rural municipality and municipal leaders each possess 19 votes, up from 48 and 18, respectively.

A total of 2,047 individuals, including 549 provincial assembly members, 1,498 village head and deputy head, and 1,498 municipal head and deputy head, are participating in the National Assembly member election.

The elected members will serve a 6-year term in the National Assembly.