NA Election Update: Voting in progress, results expected today


January 25, 2024


NA Election Update: Voting in progress, results expected today

Voting underway at Koshi Province.

KATHMANDU: The much-anticipated National Assembly (NA) election is currently underway across all seven provinces, determining the fate of 19 seats set to be vacant from March 4.

The Election Commission’s published schedule indicates that the voting commenced at 9 am and will conclude at 3 pm today.

A total of 2,047 voters, comprising 549 province assembly members and 1,498 officials including mayors, deputy mayors, chairpersons, and vice-chairpersons of municipalities and rural municipalities, are participating in the electoral process.

The voting weightage is distributed, with 53 votes from Province Assembly members and 19 from local government representatives.

The election features a competitive field with 51 candidates representing eight political parties vying for the available seats. As the day unfolds, political enthusiasts and citizens alike are keenly watching the developments in this significant electoral event.

The Election Commission has announced its commitment to releasing the election results later this evening, providing clarity on the composition of the National Assembly and the representation from various political parties.