Dr Puran Rai comes with five literary pieces simultaneously


February 24, 2024


Dr Puran Rai comes with five literary pieces simultaneously

Minister for Culture, Tourism and Civil Aviation Sudan Kirati (in white turban) unveiling Dr. Puran Rai's book at a program on Saturday.

KATHMANDU: Five literary creations by Dr. Puran Rai have been released simultaneously.

The pieces were launched in the presence of Minister for Culture, Tourism, and Civil Aviation, Sudan Kirati, amidst a function here on Saturday.

The Minister released ‘Astu,’ a collection of stories by Rai.

In addition, Rai’s diverse literary works were also introduced during the event.

These include ‘Darka Bimbaharu,’ a daily chronicle written during the COVID-19 pandemic, the fictional piece ‘Basanta Ritu,’ the drama ‘Laasmathiko Manabta,’ and an analytical work titled ‘Alankar Bidhan in Aprabasi Nepali Kabita.’

At the function, Minister Kirati urged all literary figures to inculcate their talents for the promotion of socialism through the means of writing.

Siddharaj Rai, the General Manager of Rastriya Samachar Samiti, expressed that the release of five books spanning various genres reflects the multi-faceted talents of Dr. Rai.

Dr. Rai said this marks his initial venture into fiction and drama, and urged the readers and critics to render critical feedbacks.