UML is pursuing a monarchy agenda: Gagan Thapa


January 24, 2024


UML is pursuing a monarchy agenda: Gagan Thapa

Nepali Congress General Secretary Gagan Thapa/File photo.

BIRATNAGAR: The General Secretary of the ruling Nepali Congress (NC), Gagan Thapa, has raised concerns about the alliance between the CPN-UML and the royalist party Rastriya Prajatantra Party (RPP) formed during the National Assembly elections.

Thapa questioned whether the UML is contemplating the introduction of a monarchy agenda in the National Assembly through its alliance with the RPP in Koshi province for the upcoming National Assembly elections.

Addressing journalists in Biratnagar, Thapa clarified that his concern is not about the election results but rather the scrutiny of the alliance formed with the RPP.

He emphasized that the UML should provide clarity on the coordination established with the RPP, irrespective of the election outcome.

Referring to the RPP’s announcement of initiating a movement to reinstate the monarchy from Falgun, Thapa asked, “Does the UML aspire for the victory of the RPP candidate in the National Assembly elections, intending to introduce a monarchy agenda?”

He asserted that he maintains the moral high ground in favor of the coalition. Thapa highlighted moral lapses within the UML, stating, “The UML has repeatedly faltered in moral aspects, and they have made mistakes once again.”

Accusing the UML of facing ongoing political dilemmas, Thapa remarked, “The Nepali Congress has consistently upheld its moral stance, and we will continue to do so.”