Social networks turn sadistic: From money laundering to honor theft


February 23, 2024


Social networks turn sadistic: From money laundering to honor theft

KATHMANDU: In the realm of social media, certain individuals have surged to prominence with an unclear agenda.

The presence of these figures suggests that double entendres, vulgar humor, and expressions revealing chaotic characters receive applause.

These characters play diverse roles – sometimes shedding tears, at other times, vociferously asserting themselves as judges and police in the auction of others’ respect.

Surprisingly, there seems to be a lack of concerted efforts to remedy this chaotic trend.

As social networks are increasingly perceived as reliable sources of information, the dominance of such characters in the virtual space poses a concerning influence on the younger generation.

In this piece, we delve into the subject of individuals who accord respect to these disruptive social media personas.

Sharmila Waiba

She rose to prominence through her YouTube channel, self-identifying as a social activist.

Her fan following has grown, particularly due to her controversial stance in favor of individuals involved in criminal activities.

Despite claiming to be an orphan, she asserts that she has taken on the responsibility of caring for other orphans.

Sharmila Waiba

While she has a daughter, she has chosen to keep the identity of the father undisclosed, stating that it is a personal matter and emphasizing that the child was not born from her womb.

However, she has become embroiled in various recent scandals, with allegations suggesting she manipulated individuals, including Khatiwada’s wife and the artist Ritu, in a plot to harm actor Pawan Khatiwada.

Previously, she also accused journalist Rishi Dhamala of sexual exploitation during her minor years.

Moreover, she made controversial statements, such as suggesting that YouTuber Santosh Deuja, known for his association with the Maoists, should be provided with a girl for sexual purposes.

At times, she poses as a gynecologist, offering explicit instructions on sexual matters, and has even been reported to make claims of women being raped against their will.

Tejendra Pariyar ‘Kaloute’

Child actor Sachin Pariyar’s father, Tejendra Pariyar ‘Kaloute’, is purportedly an expert in various societal subjects.

Tejendra Pariyar

However, there are concerns about the use of funds raised for his son’s medical needs, as he allegedly engages in activities like consuming alcohol and visiting dance bars.

Despite being married two or three times, he appears to have neglected his parental responsibilities, opting instead to generate income through random YouTube discussions.

Bhelu Baajay

Known by the names ‘Belkul-Belkul’ or Men Bahadur Budha ‘Bhelu Baaje,’ the 61-year-old Bhelu Baaje is a permanent resident of Pyuthan with a typical family situation.

His distinctive speaking style, language, and behavior have garnered public enjoyment to the extent that he finds limited free time for personal pursuits.

Bhelu Baajay

Bhelu Baaje, previously earning a living as an ordinary wage worker, unexpectedly gained fame on TikTok.

Lacking expertise in acting or music, he seized the opportunity to act and sing after going viral, with credit given to Tejendra Pariyar and Gyan Bahadur Pistol for his popularity.

On YouTube, he openly criticizes figures from Prachanda to Gagan Thapa and KP Oli, employing derogatory language and gestures towards women.

Notably, he seems to instigate others rather than engaging in such behavior himself.

With the influence of money and alcohol, he reportedly complies with others’ requests without regard for societal norms or age.

Manoj Giri ‘Chitharne’

Manoj Giri ‘Swasni’ is considered the top in his field. His famous declaration, “Don’t come to play with Syangjali,” has gained popularity.

He exudes self-confidence in his speech, bringing laughter to everyone, as reported by women.

Manoj Giri

However, he is also known for speaking inappropriately about parental relationships.

Once a singer, he shifted gears, venturing into the village to start a chicken-raising venture.

He believes wives in Nepal emphasize the importance of avoiding rumors and encourage waking up in the morning to show respect.

Krishna Bhattarai

Krishna Bhattarai, widely recognized as Bhattarai Kisne on social media, earned popularity with the moniker ‘Terima Gadi.’

Initially, he spoke articulately on certain social issues but later veered towards controversial remarks.

Krishna Bhattarai

Gaining attention for his unrestrained content on TikTok, he lacks a background in the arts or expertise, yet manages to attract diverse audiences.

Known as ‘Terima Gadi,’ he seems to possess knowledge on a wide range of topics and often assumes a judging role on social media.

Additionally, he is a well-regarded ticket collector.

Shanti Baral

Baral, hailing from Rupandehi, gained attention recently by engaging in explicit acts on TikTok, with some speculating that the platform faced closure due to her actions.

Despite being reportedly affiliated with the Maoist Center party, she remains indifferent to potential consequences for his outspokenness on social media.

She asserts that possessing a beautiful body is advantageous and should be utilized.

Shanti Baral

Unyielding in her belief that the outcomes of her actions, whether deemed positive or negative, have multiple facets.

Claiming to have received numerous gifts on TikTok for her explicit acts, she contends that others are envious upon witnessing her success.

While she insists her actions are personal, the societal impact of her behavior cannot be ignored.

She maintains that showcasing her well-built body and collecting gifts are not inherently wrong.

Interestingly, she doesn’t endorse her daughter’s TikTok activities but encourages her to receive gifts.

Life Damage Baba

Residing in Sundarijal, “Life Damage Baba”, also known as Aghori Baba, is fluent in English and became highly viral at one point.

Assuming the persona of a sage, he could articulate on various social, political, religious, and economic topics, presenting himself as a representative of modern society.

Despite discussing national and international affairs, science, and asserting that girlfriends are solely interested in money, he delved into explicit subjects like masturbation and sexual intercourse.

“Life Damage Baba”

Breaking traditional Aghori norms, he ventured into YouTube, making controversial comments about women’s behavior and attire, using derogatory terms.

Expressing regret for being lured by money, he vowed not to give interviews in the future.

Accusing YouTube of manipulating him into speaking profanities for financial gain.

Punya Gautam

Punya Gautam, identifying himself as a PhD holder, recently departed from the Unified Socialist Party to join the CPN-UML.

Gaining notoriety through YouTube, Gautam boldly asserts his influence, comparing himself to figures like KP Oli, Vladimir Putin, and Xi Jinping.

Initially recognized as a political analyst in the media, Gautam shifted his focus to the more sensational content of YouTube and TikTok, driven by financial considerations.

Punya Gautam

As he delved into discussing people’s private matters, he faced public backlash, becoming a daily routine for him to roam around with a distinctive coat, embodying the stereotype of a provocative YouTuber.

Despite his claims of superior intelligence, his ideas have contributed more to chaos and conflict in society than any constructive outcomes.

Interestingly, without stable employment or a business, he managed to construct a house in Kathmandu.

Umesh Lamichhane ‘Mr Happy’

On the surface, Umesh Lamichhane, also known as ‘Mr Happy,’ portrays a warm relationship with his grandmother, engaging her in various lighthearted activities.

Attempting to create videos with positive messages or entertainment value, some actions did not sit well with viewers.

The scripted nature of the videos becomes evident in the awkward and unnatural interactions between the grandson and the grandmother.

Umesh Lamichhane with his grandmother.

The emphasis on garnering views led the mother to insist on certain actions, even though she found it challenging.

The grandson, Keto, seemingly orchestrates these activities for the sake of views.

The scripted nature of the mother’s videos becomes apparent, with expressions and dialogues appearing forced and unnatural, detracting from the genuine portrayal they intend to convey.