Bansbari Land Case: CIB records Basanta Chaudhary’s statement


March 20, 2024


Bansbari Land Case: CIB records Basanta Chaudhary’s statement

Basanta Chaudhary/File photo.

KATHMANDU: The Central Investigation Bureau (CIB) has taken a statement from Basanta Chaudhary regarding the case involving the disputed ten-ropani land formerly registered under Bansbari Shoe Factory Limited.

According to CIB sources, Chaudhary was summoned by the CIB and his statement was recorded on paper.

“He has been asked to clarify whether he was involved in the government land embezzlement or not,” the source said.

The Bureau is also preparing to summon Binod Chaudhary, a Nepali Congress lawmaker and businessman, for a statement regarding this matter.

The ten-ropani land of the government-owned Bansbari Shoe Factory Limited was illegally sold to Champion Footwear Pvt. Ltd.

Now, Champion Footwear has been shut down, and its property has been transferred to the name of CG Chandbagh Residency Pvt. Ltd.

At the time, Basant Chaudhary was also one of the shareholders of the former Champion Footwear Limited.

According to an investigation official of the CIB, at that time, Lunakaran Das Chaudhary owned 2,100 shares, while Binod Kumar Chaudhary, Basant Chaudhary, Arun Kumar Chaudhary, and Mahesh Kumar Agrawal each owned 200 shares.

Gangadevi Chaudhary owned 100 shares, and Bansbari Shoe and Leather Factory Limited owned 2,000 shares.

Now, the name has been changed to CG Chandbagh Residency Pvt. Ltd., with Arun Chaudhary and his wife Shila as its operators.

In this case, on February 1, businessman Arun Chaudhary and others were arrested for investigation.