NVA plans two international competitions in 2024


January 20, 2024


NVA plans two international competitions in 2024

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KATHMANDU: The Nepal Volleyball Association (NVA) has announced plans to host two international competitions in Nepal in 2024.

This decision was reached during the seventh full meeting held in Pokhara on Friday, as conveyed by NVA President Jitendra Bahadur Chand.

“NVA has decided to organize the CAVA Women’s Nations League in August 2024 and the CAVA Men’s Club Championship in November 2024,” he stated.

Chand highlighted Nepal’s successful hosting of the CAVA Women’s Challenge League in May 2023, providing the country with the opportunity to host additional competitions.

Previously, Nepal hosted the CAVA Women’s Challenge League in May 2023 and organized the AVC Men’s Senior Central Zone Volleyball Championship in 2019.

NVA Club Volleyball and Awards in March

NVA has also scheduled two significant events for March. The eighth meeting has decided to conduct the NVA Women’s and Men’s Volleyball Championships from March 21-23.

Formerly held as the CAVA Club Volleyball, NVA has now decided to retain only the NVA Volleyball Championship, allowing other teams to participate, as disclosed by a member.

Similarly, the VAN Awards will be held in Kathmandu in March. NVA President Chand shared that the awards would honor outstanding players, coaches, and teams for their performance last year, continuing the tradition of organizing the VAN Awards in previous years.

Additionally, on January 21, VAN will host a conference for national and international volleyball referees, where excellence will be awarded to the Referee Commission.

Former Captain Bharat appointed as Vice-Chairpersons:

In the same meeting, three individuals, including former captain Bharat Shah, Yuvaraj Shrestha, and Shriram Bogati, were appointed as vice-chairmen.

Moreover, Shailendra Sharma, Kishor Acharya, Chhyam Bahadur Thapa, Dambar Bahadur Limbu, Nilam Bajracharya, and Ramshankar Chaudhary were appointed as members.