Israeli missile strikes Iran amid escalating tensions


April 19, 2024


Israeli missile strikes Iran amid escalating tensions

Iran has invested heavily in missiles and drones/Reuters

KATHMANDU: In a significant escalation of tensions, reports confirm that an Israeli missile has struck Iran, according to two US officials, reports BBC.

Iranian state media have cited unconfirmed reports of explosions in the central province of Isfahan, heightening concerns over the situation’s severity.

Flights have been suspended over several cities, as reported by state media.

The strike comes amidst heightened alert levels after Israel’s declaration of intent to respond to any Iranian attacks.

This follows an unprecedented attack by Iran on Israel, involving over 300 drones and missiles.

Iran’s Foreign Minister, Hossein Amir-Abdollahian, reiterated the country’s stance, warning of an immediate and maximum-level response to any Israeli retaliation.

In his recent CNN interview, Amir-Abdollahian emphasized Iran’s right to legitimate defense, echoing previous statements regarding the attack on Israel as retaliation for presumed Israeli airstrikes in Syria.

Tehran continues to assert that its actions are responses to perceived provocations, notably citing an airstrike on its consulate in Syria, which resulted in casualties earlier this month.

As tensions continue to mount in the region, the situation remains fluid, with international observers closely monitoring developments for further escalations or diplomatic maneuvers.

(With inputs from BBC)