Nepali homes embrace digital age: 76% have smartphones

Internet access in rises to 37.8 percent, landline phone usage declines


March 19, 2024


Nepali homes embrace digital age: 76% have smartphones

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KATHMANDU: Recent findings from the National Statistics Office reveal that 76 percent of households in Nepal now own smartphones.

Out of the 6.6 million families surveyed, a staggering 4.862 million possess smartphones across the nation.

Additionally, data from Census 2078 indicates that 49.4 percent of households own televisions, while 15 percent have computers.

Furthermore, the report highlights a notable rise in internet adoption, with 37.8 percent of Nepali families having internet access within their homes.

However, there has been a noticeable decline in landline phone usage over the past decade.

The census conducted in 2068 recorded 7.3 percent of households using landline phones, whereas the latest census figures for 2078 show a decrease to 4.5 percent.