Disturbing incident unfolds in Kathmandu as a Madhesi youth harassed in Kathmandu


February 18, 2024


Disturbing incident unfolds in Kathmandu as a Madhesi youth harassed in Kathmandu

Screengrab of the video

KATHMANDU: A disturbing video capturing the mistreatment of a Madhesi youth, accompanied by his wife, in Kathmandu has surfaced on social media.

The incident involves a “dark” youth driving a car being confronted by a member of the hill community, purportedly identifying himself as a DSP, demanding proof of Nepali citizenship.

The exact time and location of the altercation remain undisclosed.

In the viral video, a scuffle ensues between two unidentified drivers on the road, with the Madhesi youth becoming the target of verbal abuse from the person.

Pointing accusatory fingers, the individual claiming to be a DSP questions the Madhesi youth about his citizenship status and threatens him, saying, “Do you have Nepali citizenship or not? Will you bear the consequences if my car is damaged? Can you see the DSP’s ID? Shall I take it and impound your vehicle?”

Following the threat, the Madhesi youth, accompanied by his wife, pulls out their mobile phones to make a call.

Observing this, another person intervenes, suggesting, “Are you calling the DIG? Should I call the police, or will you go?”

Defiant, the Madhesi youth asserts, “I will not leave. Call the police.”

Despite the attempt to make a call, the person claiming to be a DSP continues to insult the Madhesi youth, demanding, “Stop! What will you achieve now? Do you have the bluebook?”

The video, widely circulated on Facebook and other platforms, has triggered calls for action against the alleged DSP and condemnation of the indecent behavior and the promotion of hatred towards the Madhesi community.

Sharad Singh Yadav, spokesperson of the CK Raut-led Janamat Party, emphasizes the need for authorities to identify and take action against the individual involved.

He states, “Using derogatory language targeting the Madhesi community goes against the constitution and the law. Suspecting the citizenship of an individual based on their appearance is a serious offense.”

Video source: Sharad Singh Yadav’s Facebook