RPP Chairman Lingden announces non-participation in govt


January 18, 2024


RPP Chairman Lingden announces non-participation in govt

Rastriya Prajatantra Party Chairman Rajendra Lingden/File Photo

KATHMANDU: Rastriya Prajatantra Party (RPP) Chairman, Rajendra Lingden, has announced his decision not to participate in the government for the remaining four years of the current parliamentary term.

This declaration came during the central performance committee meeting of the party, where internal divisions over government participation were evident.

Within the RPP, a divide exists on the question of joining the government.

Those who secured seats in the election express a willingness to join, while those who lost and are not MPs advocate for remaining in the opposition.

Chairman Lingden finds himself caught between these conflicting perspectives.

During a recent meeting of the party, the issue of government participation was discussed, revealing the ongoing split within the party.

Lingden stated, “I will not be in the government for the remaining four years of the term of parliament.”

While Lingden himself has not ruled out the possibility of joining the government, he has left the door open for the RPP government.

The party’s spokesperson, Mohan Shrestha, clarified that Lingden’s commitment pertains to his personal decision, and the party’s stance is not yet finalized.

Addressing speculation about a potential offer for the Prime Minister’s position, Shrestha emphasized that Lingden’s commitment applies specifically to not becoming part of the government, leaving room for other leadership possibilities.

While the RPP has not publicly discussed Lingden’s announcement, the party’s recent actions, such as assuming the post of speaker in the Koshi government, suggest efforts to align with the ruling coalition.

Despite the formal decision to coordinate with the alliance in the National Assembly elections, the coalition’s indifference prompted ongoing RPP efforts to secure a National Assembly member in Koshi by breaking the alliance.