‘Skating Park’ comes into operation in Nawalparasi


May 15, 2024


‘Skating Park’ comes into operation in Nawalparasi

Image for Representation/Photo: Ubuy

NAWALPARASI: A ‘Skating Park’ has come into operation in the headquarters of West Nawalparasi, Parasi, for the first time.

Ramgram Skating Park’s proprietor Kiran Khanal said that the park was built at the cost of around Rs 25 million.

The skating park stretched over 8,500 square feet area in Ramgram municipality-1, Parasi is the largest one in the Lumbini province.

According to Khanal, the Ramgram skating park will initially conduct skating and in the meantime the machine will provide massage service, snooker, gun games, etc.

The health insurance of all those participating in skating would be done in a gradual manner, Khanal shared.

With the construction of skating park as a new sport for Parasi and surrounding areas, the youth of this area have been attracted to the sport.

Khanal said the games will be held in the park with well-equipped infrastructure.

Skating, which started in California 50 years ago, is said to have spread all over the world. It is also becoming popular among the youth in Nepal.

The skating games are being held in Kathmandu, Pokhara, Butwal as well as Chitwan and Bardaghat, Nawalparasi.