Speaker Ghimire urges ANO for Nepal’s positive publicity


April 15, 2024


Speaker Ghimire urges ANO for Nepal’s positive publicity

Speaker Devraj Ghimire/File photo.

KATHMANDU: Speaker Devraj Ghimire has said although nationalities were different, all citizens of Nepali origins should be connected through Nepali languages and cultures since they have the same motherland and fatherland.

At a meeting with a delegation of the Association of Nepali Origin (ANO) at his office at Singha Durbar today, Speaker Ghimire said since the citizens of Nepali origin were scattered all over the world for many generations, creating an enabling environment for them to welcome their skills, knowledge and capital into their motherland or fatherland must be emphasized.

Stating that Nepalis abroad and citizens of Nepalis origin were ambassadors for Nepal, the Speaker urged the delegation to positively publicize Nepal, according to ANO’s general-secretary Chudamani Bhattarai.

The Speaker also expressed his confidence that ANO’s initiatives to connect citizens of Nepali origins all over the world through language and culture would be a milestone, shared Bhattarai.

On the occasion, Speaker Ghimire appealed to the ANO to collect data about the citizens of Nepali origin around the world and find out where and how they were placed.

The Nepali language speaking people living in 27 different countries assembled in Thailand in March this year and formed an Association of Nepali Origin to protect Nepali languages and cultures by uniting.

During the meeting with Speaker Ghimire, ANO President Dilliram Adhikari shared that this campaign would be taken forward as an ambassador of the Nepali language, arts and cultures and connecting the future generation with Nepal through this campaign.

He also informed that the campaign aimed to preserve and highlight ‘Nepaliness’.

The organization pledged to encourage Nepalis living abroad to consider investment in Nepal’s education and health sector where they have their ancestral linkages.