Unified Socialist will form alliance with NC in Sudurpaschim: Rajendra Pandey

Might create ripples in other govts


April 15, 2024


Unified Socialist will form alliance with NC in Sudurpaschim: Rajendra Pandey

CPN-Unified Socialist Party Vice Chairman Rajendra Pandey/File photo.

KATHMANDU: The CPN-Unified Socialist has hinted at a possible retreat from the federal government.

The party’s Vice Chairman, Rajendra Pandey, has highlighted potential scenarios where the CPN-Maoist Center-led coalition could face uncertain situations if the previous agreements with his party are not honored.

Speaking to Khabarhub on Monday, Pandey stated, “If the government fails to progress as per the earlier agreements, our allies might seek alternative paths. This is evident. There was an agreement to lead the Sudurpaschim government from our party. However, the government has backed away from it. How can we maintain cooperation with the government in such circumstances?”

Following the ruling coalition’s decision to appoint the Chief Minister of Sudurpashchim Province from the Nagarik Unmukti Party, the Unified Socialist party has made its position clear.

Pandey added, “If two ministries are not allocated to us in the center and we are asked to remain silent on other issues, what is the point of the agreement? We must receive what is rightfully ours. In Sudurpashchim, the government will be formed jointly with the Congress. There are no other alternatives.”

Meanwhile, the Nepali Congress and the Unified Socialist party have thrown their support behind Laxman Kishor Chaudhary, leader of the Resham Chaudhary faction of the Nagarik Unmukti Party, in Sudurpashchim.

Chaudhary has garnered the backing of 18 NC lawmakers, 5 Nagarik Unmukti Party members, and 4 Unified Socialist lawmakers.

With a total of 27 lawmakers expected to vote for Chaudhary, it remains unclear which way independently elected lawmakers will vote.

There is also a possibility that votes from some independent lawmakersmay sway in favor of Laxman Kishor.

To secure a majority in the formation of the Sudurpashchim provincial government, the support of 26 members is necessary.

At present, Laxman Kishor’s position appears strong, with the Nagarik Unmukti Party Chair Ranjita Shrestha-backed Kailash Chaudhary faction holding 21 votes.

Shrestha’s faction has received support from CPN-UML and CPN-Maoist Center lawmakers.