Dr. Om Foundation orchestrates campaign to address challenges of smoking cessation


February 15, 2024


Dr. Om Foundation orchestrates campaign to address challenges of smoking cessation

Participants of the campaign.

KATHMANDU: In an effort to address the challenges of smoking cessation, the Dr. Om Foundation orchestrated a multifaceted campaign, leveraging partnerships and resources to maximize impact.

Beyond individual interactions with Dr. Om Murti Anil, the initiative incorporated several key elements to support participants on their journey towards quitting smoking, a statement issued by the Foundation said.

Firstly, as a tangible marker of achievement, participants who successfully quit smoking were awarded certificates, symbolizing their commitment to a healthier lifestyle, it said.

This recognition served to reinforce their progress and motivate continued adherence to their smoke-free goals, according to the Foundation.

Additionally, the Foundation distributed special editions of the book “Jiwanta Sambadh” free of charge to all participants.

This resource provided valuable insights and guidance, further empowering individuals to navigate the challenges of smoking cessation with confidence.

The book delved into topics of relationships and family dynamics, highlighting our roles and responsibilities towards loved ones, and the sacrifices we make for their well-being.

It emphasized the significant influence parents have in shaping the habits and behaviors of their children, underscoring the importance of breaking the cycle of harmful habits, such as smoking, within families.

According to the Foundation, a cornerstone of the campaign was the provision of comprehensive heart check-ups by a dedicated team of doctors and health professionals from the National Cardiac Centre.

Over 200 individuals benefited from these evaluations, receiving personalized advice, treatment, and counseling tailored to their specific needs, the statement said.

During these consultations, Dr. Om addressed the intricacies of nicotine withdrawal symptoms, offering practical strategies to manage cravings and alleviate discomfort.

He also reassured participants of ongoing support from the dedicated team at the National Cardiac Centre, underscoring the Foundation’s commitment to their long-term health and recovery.

In a parallel initiative dubbed the “Smokers are not selfish” campaign, out of the 1500 who filled the Google form committing to quit smoking 200 were invited.

As part of this endeavor, they were offered free health check-ups, including tests such as ECG and echo.

Dr. Om and his team personally engaged with these individuals, providing tailored counseling and support to bolster their determination to quit smoking.