PM Dahal advocates halting outflow of funds for higher education from Nepal


February 15, 2024


PM Dahal advocates halting outflow of funds for higher education from Nepal

Photo: RSS

KATHMANDU: Prime Minister Pushpa Kamal Dahal ‘Prachanda’ has voiced concern over the significant outflow of economic resources from countries like Nepal towards higher education abroad, emphasizing the need to stem this trend.

Speaking at the inauguration program of the Association of Indian Universities (AIU) – North Zone Vice Chancellors’ Meet 2024 & Bharat-Nepal Higher Education Summit, PM Dahal highlighted the imperative of retaining the youth and resources within the country.

“There is a substantial outflow of funds from countries like Nepal for higher education, and it’s crucial to reverse this trend. We must create an environment that encourages our youth to explore opportunities domestically,” stated PM Dahal, stressing the importance of re-evaluating the internationalization of higher education.

Acknowledging the challenges posed by global forces in the education sector, the Prime Minister observed a growing trend of students and intellectuals seeking opportunities in Northern universities, attracted by their investment in skill and education development.

“The current balance of higher education appears skewed towards Northern institutions. Although these universities have drawn international students due to their substantial budgets, this situation cannot be sustained indefinitely,” PM Dahal further remarked.

As the discourse around higher education continues, PM Dahal’s remarks underscore the necessity of fostering a conducive environment for educational advancement within Nepal, aiming to curb the outflow of resources while promoting domestic opportunities for the country’s youth.