NIC instructs universities to implement Right to Information laws


January 15, 2024


NIC instructs universities to implement Right to Information laws

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KATHMANDU: The National Information Commission (NIC) has issued an order in the name of universities being operated in Nepal to adhere to the Right to Information laws of the country.

The NIC has instructed existing 16 universities in Nepal, including Tribhuvan University, Kathmandu University, Purbanchal University and Pokhara University to follow and implement RTI provisions in their institutions, stated a press release issued by the NIC.

The NIC has instructed the universities and its associated institutions to designate public information officers, disclose their name, post, phone or mobile number and necessary details, ensure proactive disclosure of information in every three months, provide information on request and prepare and disclose information requested and provided.

“The universities also are the public agencies obliged to educate students about the fundamental freedoms such as right to information,” the statement said.

It said that the universities have the statutory obligation to adhere to and execute the RTI laws by undertaking further research and study in this regard.

“Likewise, the independent entities within the universities, including institutes, centres, dean offices and constituent institutions are also responsible for complying with and implementing the RTI”, it stated.

In addition, the NIC has ordered several public agencies under the Bagmati province government to fully adhere to the RTI provisions such as designating public information officers, proactively disclose the information of public importance.

Article 27 of the Nepal Constitution, 2015 has guaranteed every citizen’s right to seek and receive information on any matter of his or her interest or of public interests.

It is the obligation of each public agency to implement the provisions specified in the Right to Information Act, 2007 and Rule, 2009 in line with the spirit of the constitutional arrangement.

The constitutionally and legally guaranteed Right to Information laws are considered spectacular to make the functions of the state more open and transparent in accordance with the democratic system and develop an informed citizenry.