Government propels healthcare access with two-shift OPD services in major hospitals


May 14, 2024


Government propels healthcare access with two-shift OPD services in major hospitals

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KATHMANDU: In a bid to enhance healthcare accessibility, the government has declared the implementation of two shifts for outpatient door (OPD) services in hospitals equipped with adequate resources and personnel.

Presenting the government’s agenda for the upcoming fiscal year during the joint session of the federal parliament today, President Ramchandra Paudel highlighted the restructuring of federal hospitals based on their workload.

Key among the announced measures is the decision to introduce dual-shift OPD services in prominent hospitals like Bir Hospital, National Trauma Centre, and Kanti Children’s Hospital, leveraging their ample human resources.

Additionally, Kanti Children’s Hospital is slated for infrastructure enhancements to deliver state-of-the-art healthcare services.

President Paudel also outlined plans to elevate Shahid Gangalal National Heart Centre into a hub for Cardiology specialists.

Furthermore, hospitals currently in the procurement pipeline will witness the commencement of construction, with federal hospitals and health science academies at the provincial level set to expand to 500-bed capacities.

The government’s agenda places emphasis on bolstering organ transplant facilities, advancing maternal health initiatives, and expanding cervical cancer screening and vaccination programs for girls aged 10 to 14 in district hospitals.

Strengthening public health surveillance systems, deploying healthcare personnel at border points, and establishing dedicated frameworks for non-communicable disease prevention are also prioritized.

Moreover, the administration intends to implement an action plan aligned with the “One Health Policy” to mitigate potential health risks originating from animals, plants, and the environment.

These comprehensive measures aim to fortify pandemic preparedness, control, and response, ensuring a resilient healthcare infrastructure for the nation.