UML leader Gyawali rules out UML-Nepali Congress coalition


March 14, 2024


UML leader Gyawali rules out UML-Nepali Congress coalition

CPN-UML leader Yuvraj Gyawali (C) speaking at a press conference in Tusipur.

TULSIPUR: Vice Chairman of CPN-UML, Yuvraj Gyawali, has asserted that the current ruling coalition is poised to endure until the upcoming elections.

Speaking at a press conference in Tulsipur today, Gyawali emphasized the durability of the alliance, stating, “We should not entertain thoughts of forging a new alliance; there is no reason to doubt the formation of a UML-Nepali Congress alliance.”

He said such a scenario is unlikely, as the Nepali Congress is poised to assume an oppositional stance.

Expressing optimism, Gyawali suggested that successful collaboration within the current coalition could pave the way for communist unity.

He stressed the importance of the government adopting a people-centric approach to foster unity.

Gyawali underscored that the formation of the current coalition aligns with the nation’s requirements, identifying it as the Samajwadi Front.

Furthermore, Gyawali forecasted a competition between two ideological currents within the country, characterizing the political landscape as witnessing a peaceful competition between capitalist and socialist ideologies.

Gyawali called for a comprehensive revolution encompassing economic, social, and cultural domains, building upon the political revolution already underway in the country.