National Assembly approves establishment of Dashrath Chand Health Science University


February 12, 2024


National Assembly approves establishment of Dashrath Chand Health Science University

National Assembly Meeting/File photo.

KATHMANDU: The National Assembly has officially endorsed the ‘Martyr Dashrath Chand Health Science University Bill, 2080 BS’.

Minister of State for Education, Science, and Technology, Pramila Kumari, proposed the meeting to pass the bill, emphasizing the government’s commitment to ensuring quality health services for citizens through the establishment of this university.

Before the endorsement, several lawmakers participated in discussions on the bill.

In response to their queries, the State Minister clarified that the bill’s primary objective is to provide quality medical education and healthcare facilities, with a particular focus on the Sudur Paschim Province.

Contributors to the deliberations included Madan Kumari Shah (Garima), Dil Kumari Rawal Thapa (Parbati), Yubraj Sharma, Suresh Ale Magar, and Kamala Panta.

Additionally, the meeting unanimously approved a proposal to amend certain acts related to preventing money laundering and fostering a business-friendly atmosphere in the country.

The proposal, presented by Minister for Law, Justice, and Parliamentary Affairs, Dhan Raj Gurung, received support from lawmakers such as Bhagawati Neupane, Dr. Bimala Rai Poudyal, Dil Kumari Rawal Thapa (Parbati), Radheshyam Paswan, Bhairav Sundar Shrestha, Tulasa Kumari Dahal, Ramchandra Ray, and Devendra Dahal.

Addressing queries during the deliberations on the proposal, the Minister explained that the bill is designed to strengthen laws against financial crimes.

Furthermore, it aims to enhance financial transparency, create an investment-friendly environment, and establish good governance.

He highlighted the bill’s intent to discourage illegal financial practices such as the Hundi business, transactions involving cryptocurrency, and activities related to terrorism.

In the course of the meeting, Prakash Panth, President of the Sustainable Development and Good Governance Committee, presented the committee’s annual reports for the fiscal years 2079-80 BS (2022-23).

The National Assembly is scheduled to reconvene at 1:01 pm on the upcoming Sunday, February 18.