Let’s emulate footsteps of the nation’s founder: Gyanendra Shah


January 12, 2024


Let’s emulate footsteps of the nation’s founder: Gyanendra Shah

Former King Gyanendra Shah/File Photo

KATHMANDU: Former King Gyanendra Shah, on the occasion of the 302nd Prithvi Jayanti and National Unity Day, has urged citizens to emulate the footsteps of the nation’s founder, Prithvi Narayan Shah.

Extending his wishes on the occasion of Prithvi Jayanti and National Unity Day, the former king highlighted the significance of remembering Prithvi Narayan Shah as a glorious personality in the nation’s history.

In a message, he emphasized the urgent need to cultivate virtue and prosperity by reflecting on the divine ideas expressed by the revered founder.

“We consider our nation-builder Prithvi Narayan Shah, who laid the foundation of Nepal and bestowed upon us the identity of being Nepali, as a revered figure in our history,” former king Shah expressed in his message.

Despite the distractions of modern life, the former king stressed that the essence of Nepali identity is deeply rooted in the soil of Nepal and the hearts of its people.

He affirmed, “No matter where we wander, we cannot forget the father of the nation, the cornerstone of Nepali unity.”

In his message, former king Shah added, “A nation transcends mere geography; it is a shared space for its people. It represents an independent, sovereign, and original heritage that resonates with every citizen. Just like beautiful flowers, this is the sacred aspiration of our nation-building journey.”