US threatening sanctions to tear New Delhi away from Moscow: Russia


February 11, 2024


US threatening sanctions to tear New Delhi away from Moscow: Russia

Russian envoy to India, Denis Alipov/Photo: ANI

NEW DELHI: The Russian envoy to India, Denis Alipov, said while his country remains New Delhi’s “reliable and time-tested friend”, the US is trying to threaten the relationship with sanctions.

“In India, Russia enjoys a solid reputation as a reliable, sincere, well-intentioned, time-tested friend. Such an image was initially shaped due to the major contribution of the USSR to Indian socio-economic development, and it largely persists to this day,” he said.

In an interview with the RT news agency, the Russian envoy added, “US officials who come here do not hesitate to directly state that they are pursuing the goal of tearing New Delhi away from Moscow.”

He said they are even making threats with secondary sanctions.

“Some Indian partners are forced to exercise caution, sometimes, frankly speaking, excessively, but there are also a significant number of those for whom such an approach is unacceptable,” he added.

Highlighting the growing bilateral ties, the Russian envoy said, “Our ties continue to steadily expand in a wide range of areas according to our converging national interests.”

“But unlike our Western partners, we have never conditioned cooperation on politics, have not interfered in domestic affairs, and have always maintained mutually respectful and trusted relationships,” he added.

Alipov also called for urgent reforms of the United Nations and agencies under it while making a strong case for the inclusion of India as a permanent member of the UN Security Council.

“We are of the view that India as a permanent member of the Security Council could make a significant contribution to promoting balance as well as an agenda focused on the interests of the world majority, primarily the countries of the Global South,” the Russian envoy said.