Ruling coalition will continue for next four years: UML Chair Oli


March 8, 2024


Ruling coalition will continue for next four years: UML Chair Oli

CPN-UML Chairman KP Oli/File Photo

KATHMANDU: CPN-UML Chairman KP Oli has announced his commitment to maintaining the current ruling coalition for four years.

Addressing CPN-UML Secretariat members on Friday, Oli expressed satisfaction with what he said “achieved success”, attributing it to the hard work invested in overcoming challenges from rival factions, particularly the Nepali Congress-led alliance.

Oli’s said that “some power centers” were hell-bent on retaining the Maoist Center’s alliance with the Nepali Congress.

“Various power centers that opposed our alliance with the Maoist Center are now active to break the coalition,” a UML leader quoted UML Chairman Oli as saying.

Despite these challenges, Oli asserted that a new alliance was forged to counteract these oppositions and affirmed, “We will sustain this alliance for four years, with the commitment of other parties as well.”

The party’s Secretariat meeting convened to strategize the path to power through collaboration with parties, including the Maoist Center.

“Although we have already participated in the government, a decision regarding the specifics is yet to be made. The confidential discussions with the Maoists before joining the government were necessitated by the prevailing situation,” the UML leader said.

Meanwhile, Oli reportedly shared his role in assembling an effective team in the government, aiming to enhance the government’s efficiency.