Nepal govt takes bold move to deport Chinese aid organization chief


February 7, 2024


Nepal govt takes bold move to deport Chinese aid organization chief

Zhou Sichang (R) addressing a program/File Photo

KATHMANDU: In a significant decision, the Nepali government deported Zhou Zhiqiang, the 57-year-old Chinese chief director of the aid organization “China Foundation for Rural Development” (CFRD) in Jajarkot, Nepal, signaling a positive shift.

The move comes amid a growing power addiction within the top leadership of the Maoist Center party.

Taking a decisive stand against internal power struggles, the government, led by Maoist Chairman Pushpa Kamal Dahal Prachanda, demonstrated its commitment by deporting Zhou, an act finalized by the Immigration Office of Nepal.

Zhiqiang had played an active role in implementing Chinese activities in remote areas of Nepal.

The deportation also sheds light on a broader narrative of power dynamics within the highest ranks of the Maoist Center.

This bold move not only addresses immediate concerns but also underscores the government’s determination to maintain control and integrity amid challenges posed by internal power dynamics.

Zhou has faced allegations of aligning with the Maoists and consistently advocating for Chinese interests.

She has been instrumental in endorsing leaders with close ties to China within the Maoist faction and exhibiting a lenient stance toward independent foreign policy leaders.

However, it is imperative to acknowledge his involvement in controversial matters, including the handling of the fake Bhutanese refugee case, the gold scandal, and the Bansbari land scandal.