Bagmati Province: NC ministers resigning en masse today


March 6, 2024


Bagmati Province: NC ministers resigning en masse today

Office of the Chief Minister of Bagmati Province/File Photo for Representation

HETAUDA: Nepali Congress (NC) ministers in the Bagmati Province government are announcing their resignation today, marking a consequential departure from their roles in the provincial administration.

The decision to step down comes in the wake of a collapsed alliance between the Nepali Congress party and the Maoist Center at the central level, leading to a recalibration of power dynamics.

Expressing the inappropriateness of their continued presence in the state government, the ministers have opted to sever ties in response to the shifting political landscape.

Ram Krishna Chitrakar of the NC Bagmati Province Parliamentary Party and Industry Minister affirmed the resignations.

“The leader of our parliamentary party, Minister of Finance, has gone to Kathmandu. We are preparing to come to Hetauda, the capital of the province, and resign,” he stated.