Count of water birds kicks off


January 6, 2024


Count of water birds kicks off

Birds/File photo.

KANCHANPUR: A count of aquatic birds has begun here today.

The water bird count has been launched at the initiative of the Department of National Parks and Wildlife Reserve.

The initiative is joined by Shuklaphanta National Park, National Nature Conservation Trust, Nepal Birds Conservation Association, Himalayan Nature Guide, and Shuklaphanta Nature Guide Association, among others.

The bird count will continue till January 21, according to an ornithologist associated with the Nepal Bird Conservation Association, Hirulal Dagaura.

The count will be conducted at marshlands and lakes inside the Shuklaphanta National Park, rivers, and watershed in the vicinity.

Dagaura further shared that the water birds outside the park would be counted in coordination with the Division Forest Office. Modern cameras with telescopes and GPS would be used for enumerating the avian.

In the physically accessible places, the enumerators reach the spots, while in the case of distant and inaccessible places, elephant rides and boating would be applied.

The bird count has been continuous for some years to update the number of birds- both indigenous and migratory ones. Similarly, it helps study bird habits and habitats.

The marshlands and watersheds in Kanchanpur district record the arrival of some 50 to 60 migratory birds from distant places including Siberia. The migratory birds return home by the end of mid-June.

Nepal is home to over 877 species of birds. The Shuklaphanta National Park and its vicinity alone is a habitat of over 423 birds.

The bird count began in Nepal in 1987.